Hydrofoil Budapest

Budapest visits by hydrofoil is a most loved Danube River transport visit. You can go by hydrofoil from Budapest to certain spots inside Hungary and to Vienna Austria or Bratislava Slovakia.

Some data about the boat administrator organization in Hungary: MAHART PassNave Passenger Shipping Ltd. Every year they invite slots almost 1 million travelers and visitors on board of the 20 boats and 9 Hydrofoils in their armada. Supplementing their booked administrations there are one hour touring trips, a Margaret Island ship administration, evening music and dance travels in Budapest. Their occasions ships (Wine Ship, Kid’s Ship, Folk Ship) offer different occasions for unfamiliar guests as well concerning Hungarians. Their hydrofoil administration connecting Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna witch fired up 1963, runs from start of April to the furthest limit of October. In 2006 they began appealingly estimated 2 roadtrips to Bratislava and Vienna running a few times during the season. From the very start of May to the furthest limit of September hydrofoils likewise rush to Esztergom, halting at Visegrad and Nagymaros and different visits run a few times to Komarom, Solt, Kalocsa and Mohacs.

Additional data about hydrofoil Budapest.
Check in and identification control from one hour preceding takeoff of the hydrofoil. Most recent registration 15 minutes before flight. Free baggage transport up to 20 kg, overweight EUR 1/kg. Administrations ready: individually buffet with cold dishes and beverages, attendant, direction about the sights along the Danube, complete catering menus for gatherings (more than 10 individuals) on cutting edge request. On-board booking of projects, reservations of convenience and taxi moves in Budapest. The travelers take up their seats in the request for embarkation. Bikes can be moved on board of the hydrofoil in restricted amount thus of bike tickets. Pets are not permitted abroad. The cost of the ticket incorporates: the toll, port contribution, the movement protection of traveler in the event of individual wounds or baggage misfortune while abroad the hydrofoil.

Global Hydrofoil Timetable: Budapest – Bratislava – Vienna
From 8 of April – 29 of October day to day trips.
Hydrofoil Budapest Departure: 9:00 a.m. appearance to Bratislava 1:30 p.m. what’s more, Vienna 3:20 p.m.
The hydrofoil doesn’t anticipate in Bratislava.
Hydrofoil Vienna Departure: 9:00 a.m. appearance to Bratislava 10:30 a.m. appearance back to Budapest 2:30 p.m.
Back to Budapest the hour of the hydrofoil trip is less with an hour than the heading of Vienna due to the River Danube bearing of stream.

Charges of the hydrofoil trips in EURO:

Budapest – Vienna:
One way: EUR 79, understudy ticket: EUR: 69 youngsters (6-15 years) EUR: 39,50.
Full circle: EUR: 99, understudy ticket: EUR: 89 youngsters (6-15 years) EUR: 49,50.

Budapest – Bratislava:
One way: EUR 69, understudy ticket: EUR: 59 youngsters (6-15 years) EUR: 34,50.
Full circle: EUR: 89, understudy ticket: EUR: 79 youngsters (6-15 years) EUR: 44,50.

Bratislava – Vienna:
One way: EUR 23, understudy ticket: EUR: 23 youngsters (6-15 years) EUR: 11,50.
Full circle: EUR: 39, understudy ticket: EUR: 39 youngsters (6-15 years) EUR: 19,50.

Limit of 2 youngsters in a family, not more established than 6 years joined by 2 the maximum paying grown-ups travel expense (on the off chance that they don’t need isolated seats on the hydrofoil).

Bike transport: 20 EUR per bike one way.

One day visits to Bratislava with joined tickets (hydrofoil and transport for back)

Takeoff from Budapest by hydrofoil liner of MAHART PassNave 9:00 am. what’s more, back from Bratislava 4:45 pm by Volan transport liner.

Passage: EUR 79 for every individual. Kids rebate between 6-15 old enough half (youngsters under 6 years old in the event that they don’t requires separate seats travel free).

One day visits to Vienna with joined tickets (hydrofoil and transport or train for back)

Takeoff from Budapest by hydrofoil liner of MAHART PassNave 9:00 am. also, back from Vienna 7 pm. By Volanbus liner or by any planned worldwide train from Vienna to Budapest.